Good Food – Chinese Fish Recipe

If you (are a fan of. The delicate, tender and soft flesh and the way the fish cheeks turn out having a lightly chewy consistency when the fish is prepared in this way is totally delicious. The best kind of fish to use to make a wonderfully mouth-watering steamed fish is basically any good-size white- fish like red snapper, bass, trout, rockfish (grouper) and yellowtail snapper.

It may appear easy, but it is actually difficult to cook a high quality restaurant style steamed fish dish without acquiring the right techniques or skills. However thankfully with this guide and recipe and some little advice revealed by an experienced Chinese chef, you can now recreate a terrific restaurant-quality steamed fish with little effort in your own kitchen.

Step One: Purchase fresh fish, if at all possible one that comes directly out of a live-tank to get the best result.

Step Two: Put some pieces of shredded ginger and spring onion with the fish while steaming to remove the fishy smell. Get your kitchen cooking timer and set it for 8 minutes if you are steaming one small fish and Ten minutes if you are steaming a big fish. You may require to use a little of your judgment here– maybe even a little trial and error to get it perfect.

Third Step: After steaming, discard the ginger/scallions and cloudy “water” left. Generally lots of people prefer to keep the “water” together with the fish, but this is not advisable because it would leave a fishy smell on the fish.

Fourth Step: Dissolve some rock sugar in the soy sauce. Rock sugar adds depth and dimension to the taste of the soya sauce, making it so tasty that you can literally eat it alone with plain white rice.

Step Five: Garnish the fish with some ginger shreds. Heat up some oil, pour the oil over the fish to give your fish that nice sheen. Now, top it off with the delicious soy sauce mixture and spring onions and/or cilantro leaves.